Unusual Experiences in Berlin - Your trip as berliner

Unusual Experiences in Berlin – Your trip as berliner

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best experiences in berlin - insolite berlin

Berlin is probably one of the most dynamic cities across Europe. A Capital with an infinite potential, and thousand faces, where it happen to face at the same time, the history and the contemporary Europe contradictions, meeting people from all backgrounds, the unusual atmosphere of the clubs, tasty street food and new musical trends, art, fashion, film …

To escape the usual Berlin visit, here are the best insolite Berlin experiences tested by local …!

1- The karaoke Party:

karaoke show at Mauerpark in Berlin

See a karaoke show at Mauerpark between ruthless and irreverent public.

2- The top of Alexanderplatz:

Alexanderplatz Tower in Berlin

Climbing to the top of the Alexanderplatz TV tower to enjoy the incredible 360 degrees view on the German capital and its legendary important place for the Berliners.

3- The Sanssouci Palace

Sanssouci Palace in Berlin

Visit the magnificent palace of Sanssouci and relax among the trees of a green garden.

4- The Berlin Street food:

Berlin Street Food

Try the street food made in berlin, such as Currywurst or Doner kebab. One of the best kebab in the city is located at 32, Mehringdamm.

5- The Eastside Gallery:

The Eastside Gallery in Berlin

You should visit the Eastside Gallery, with the remains of the wall, at Mühlenstraße 10243, (do it before it becomes a parking!).

6- The Berlin Cathedral:

Berlin Catherdral

Listen to a classical music concert in the Berlin Cathedral.

7- The Kadewe Center:

Kadewe center in Berlin

Indulge in the pleasure of shopping on the Kurfürstendamm and the Kadewe Center, a shopping center built in 1907. It is the largest shopping center in Germany, particularly famous for its floor devoted to tableware art.

8- Underground Berlin:

Berlin Underground

Explore the basement of the city with a visit to the “Berlin underground“.

9- The Tempelhof Airport

Tempelhof Airport in Berlin

Taking a bike ride in the old Tempelhof Airport, converted into a green space today. Lie on the field, organize a barbecue or simply, you’ll feel like a Berliner.