Your First Time in Paris: |This guide paris is for you

Your First Time in Paris: This guide is for you !!!

This is your first time in Paris? It’ll be fine. Here is a guide that will guide you through the city to explore the beauty of the capital without breaking your bank. Let’s start !!

1- Which Public Transport should I take?

Paris Public Transport

You have the choice to take the bus, a bike, a good walking, a boat or even a hot-air balloon. It’s depend on how long is your trip to Paris.

You stay just for a few days, Public Transport is the choice

Public Transport in Paris

A basic Ticket in bus, Metro or Tram will cost you about 1.7 Euros. You can have a package of 5 consecutive days of unlimited travels over Paris with 10.85 Euro a day. You’re aged under 26, there is an unlimited weekend travel pack for 3.75 Euros. Don’t forget about the bus, It takes you where you want in Paris city.

You are an Athlete, The biking is for you

Biking in Paris

You can rent a bike for an hour, a day, a week or for the whole time of your stay in the city. Your first half hour on the rented bike is free. Elsewhere, you can buy a bike and participate in the bicycle events, unfortunately, THE TOUR DE FRANCE is not in the list.

For a Poetic tour, Take a Boat

Boat in Paris

For 16 Euros one day pass, you get unlimited trips for a specified time without any waiting. You can stop at Musée d’Orsay / Quai de Solferino, Les Berges de Seine are located right next door. Stroll, run, stop for a coffee or enjoy free events.

Get around the city on your pace

If you have to wander in Paris, Valérie Appert (Author of “100 small Parisian pleasures”) suggest you take the Montmartbus and Tramway.

A tour in a Tuk-Tuk

Tuk Tuk in Paris

Paris By Tuk-Tuk offers trips aboard its electric tuk-tuks: a shiny red Piaggio or the smarter immaculate white version. Prices start at €30 for three people (30 minutes). Originality comes at a price!

Back to the future with this modern options

Paris Modern Transport

You can try a Solowheel (motorised wheel) for free, for those who have good balance, or a skateboard or electric scooter. Flying cars can’t be very far away in the future!

2- The Paris city: Admire the Panoramic View

O paris Coffe Shop

The O’Paris coffee is a nice starting point: one of the best views of Paris from the terrace. located in 1st street des Envierges 20e.
A few steps away, towards the top of Belleville Park for a panoramic view of the city. Try to recognize the monuments that stand in the distance. If you come early and the sky is clear, A magnificent spectacle guaranteed. Then you can go down along the park.
Belleville is a popular area for Parisians. This is particularly an Asian district of Paris. There we find many cheap small canteens. In the evening, cool bars are opening.

Parc Belleville in Paris

Get to the top floor of the Pompidou Centre

Pompidou Center paris

There you may cost a few euros but once on the 6th floor, open your eyes wide: the view is breathtaking. Take the opportunity to discover this center dedicated to contemporary art that become emblematic of Paris. Everyday from 11am to 9pm except Tuesday.

You access to the Panorama view in the 6th floor for 3 Euros, free for aged under 26 years old. The Museum and Exhibitions ticket will cost you 13 Euros reduced to 10 Euros. Free access for under 26.

You Can access to the museum freely the first sunday of the every month.

Enjoy afterward the walk in the Marais, the historic heart of Paris.

You’ll enjoy the view of all Paris attractions from : the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, but also the Arab World Institute, the small temple to the Buttes Chaumont park, the Tour Saint-Jacques …

Paris from Above: Take a balloon !!

Paris from the sky

It is possible to enjoy the city from above by flying Paris in a balloon on the lawn of the Parc André Citroën. The Balloon is inflated with Helium, floating 32 meters high. The floating Balloon is attached to the ground by cables. The great experience will cost you 12 euros for adults. Before you go there, make sure that the weather conditions are right.

3- The city secrets, Explore the Paris insolite

Explore The Paris Insolite

You don’t want to nosedive in your Paris 450 pages guide. It is better to follow a enthusiastic guide who speaks, who knows the neighborhood as his pocket.

De Ménilmontant à la Mouzaïa, les quartiers secrets d’Angénic

The Angénic secrets neighborhoods

paris secrets neighborhood

Parisian for a day or forever, we often want to be surprised by the city by diving in its secrets and corners. This is what provides the energetic Angénic, the less known streets of Paris with live and unusual visits to meet Parisians and their neighborhoods.

Squares and villas of the 19th arrondissement, A Photo stroll in the footsteps of the Willy Ronis, the secret gardens of Belleville, The Paris Rock ‘n Roll and The flowering cited of Oberkampf … A Walk there will cost you about 20-25 euros for 2 hours. Some trips can be in a foreign language.

The Paris ZigZag walks

Paris ZigZag

Paris ZigZag is a blog that shows the hidden side of Paris. Their tours go to the Marais to Butte aux Cailles through the Paris Flirty plus a night tour of the Ile de la Cité. The walks take about 1:45 and will cost you 12 euros. The Reservations on the site.

The walks in Ile-de-France Seine-Saint-Denis

Seine Saint Denis

Here you will visit places that even the curious Parisians do not know! … And above all you will open the doors to Paris to see what happens at the periphery. You will not be disappointed! From Château-Rouge market, to the architecture of Bobigny and the Cité des Puces of Luc Besson movies, throw yourself into the water. See the list of rides. The Balades cost you from 6 to 15 euros.

The Art Street walk

Paris Art Street

The Paris Underground visits are rich in anecdotes; they invite you to discover the emblematic works; they provide the tools to understand and appreciate the culture and the history of graffiti and street art in the city.

The visits experiences are gathered in a documentary work, which aims to enrich the knowledge of Parisian urban art and alternative crops related to.

Also you can walk at the water’s edge and those of the new Parisian districts.

Lutèce Tales, The history time machine.

Lucete Tales Paris

The Lutèce tales will make you travel … in time. Sylvania Lutetia Paris knows Paris as his pocket and is passionate about the dark stories of the capital, Paris pleasures, bandits, and gangsters, Pigalle, Paris under occupation … You plunge into the memories of colorful and amazing Paris.


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