Tripsdrill - A park you shouldn't miss

Tripsdrill – A park you shouldn’t miss

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Tripsdrill - A park you shouldn't miss

Tripsdrill, Cleebronn: “Erlebnispark Tripsdrill” is an amusement park located in Cleebronn, Baden-Württemberg in Germany. Tripsdrill is in the heart of the natural park Stromberg Heuchelberg-in a beautifully flowered site. In 1929, the construction of the first mill that rejuvenates old women “Altweibermühle” laid the foundations of the current amusement park. Located between Stuttgart and Heilbronn on 77 hectares, Tripsdrill enchants young and old with over 100 original attractions. With new wooden roller coaster “Mammut”. Tripsdrill offers visitors a spectacular attraction whose silhouette is visible from afar.

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Tripsdrill is recognized as the first park of Germany. From the 17th century, the legend of a mill in which women are transformed to girls. In 1929,  the first old women mill was built to recognize the history of this place surrounded by legends. Since then, this first attraction is considered the origin of Tripsdrill. Although it burned in 1946, but the Fischer family, owner of the site, rebuilt the emblem of the park. the old women mill celebrate its 80th anniversary this season. A few steps away stands the mill of the old men “Altmännermühle”. Here, the gentlemen can put to the test their endurance and ability in different stations.