Tierpark in Berlin |The Largest Zoo in Europe

Tierpark in Berlin – The Largest Zoo in Europe

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Large enclosures in the open air – rare species – visit Europe’s largest zoo.

Tierpark in Berlin

7800 animals live on 160 hectares. In total, 900 different species – from the sun bear to the giant bat . Besides the Kolibri-Krokodil-Haus, the tropical greenhouse, the Afrikanum and snake farm, the forest of varis is particularly interesting. Visitors can stroll through the forest of white and black and red varis and closely observe the curious lemurs.

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The Tierpark Berlin was created after the division of Berlin after the second World War. The eastern part of the city should also have a zoo. It was opened in 1955 in the castle of Friedrichsfelde park. initially, the park was amenaged by Peter Joseph Lenné, there is also the castle of Friedrichsfelde built in 1695. Since 2009, the castle is again part of the Tierpark Berlin. Gemeinschaft der Förderer von und Tierpark Berlin Zoo eVa supported the organization of events – including regular concerts – that take place.