Things to avoid while you are in Amsterdam -

Things to avoid while you are in Amsterdam

Things To Avoid in Amsterdam

Here is a list of things to consider during your visit to Amsterdam. In all cases use your common sense to judge the situation wisely.

1- Driving a car into the center of the city

Parking in Amsterdam

It is difficult to find a place to park your car, the regulation is strict and the fine for wrong parking is 67 euros. The clampers are working day and night and they stick the fine on the windshield of your car. you should pay the 67 euros in order to remove the lock and if you do not pay the fine within 24 hours, the car is towed.

2- Taking the tram without a valid ticket

Things to avoid in Amsterdam: Taking the Tram without a valid Ticket

You can buy your tram ticket in advance from newsagents, railway stations, post offices or other outlets. But if you are caught by the controllers without the ticket on you, you will pay 60 euros for each person.

3- Avoid walking along the bikes road

Things to Avoid in Amsterdam: Walking along the bikes road

The dedicated lanes for cyclists are usually marked with a bike symbol. Avoid walking on those special paths for biking. once you hear a bell sound, free the way.

4- Smoking in trains and stations is prohibited

Smoking in Amsterdam trains and station is prohibited

It is forbidden to smoke outside the specific zones. If you break this rule you will pay a fine of 25 euros and if you throw the butt on the ground, you will pay 40 euros.

5- Avoid Smoking Cannabis in Public

Things to avoid in Amsterdam: Smoking Cannabis in Public

It is forbidden to smoke marijuana in public in Amsterdam, there are coffee-shops for it if you want. Do not take cannabis with you to your country, even a small quantity, you risk being imprisoned. Some say that is legal to smoke weed in the inner city. Smoking marijuana is illegal but tolerated. Don’t do it front of a police office.

6- Never take pictures in the Red Light District

Things to avoid in Amsterdam: Taking photos in red light district

Avoid taking pictures of the occupied windows in the red light district. It is better to keep your camera in a safe place, else, it will be stolen by pickpockets.

7- Do not buy anything in the street

Things to Avoid in Amsterdam: Do not buy anythings in the street

Never buy anything in Amsterdam streets, especially medicines and bikes. The bicycles can be stolen. If you buy something stolen, expect a huge penalty if you are stopped by police.

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