The blub Badeparadies, it was an aquatic paradise.

The blub Badeparadies, it was an aquatic paradise.

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blub Badeparadies berlin

One evening, a friend, an abandoned place of history, a new expedition. This will be one of the wealthiest in terms of urbex. Late one afternoon in May warm day, starting south of Neukölln join allies who know this ancient aquatic center. You get there by bike, along the Ringbahn. following a plot who collect pieces of Berlin Wall. The highway south of the city is under construction and prevents you from continuing your path.

The Blub Badeparadies (Berliner Luft-und Badeparadies) was an aquatic center built in 1985 and costed 44 million Deutschmarks. Open daily from 10am to 11pm, 600,000 visitors frequented the early years and the number declined from half of the 2000s Indeed the pool had become the place of confrontation of youth gangs in the neighborhood and a field game for rats from neighboring canal! It seems that they were found floating in the outdoor pool and that you risk slipping on their dirt near the children’s pool! Add to that the degradation of the site, reason why the Aquatic Centre was elected in 2004 one of the “100 less cool places in Berlin” by a German newspaper. The Blub closed its doors definitively in 2005.

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However, The sauna area continues until 2012. Then the complex was finally abandoned. An investor had planned to create a resort but the project was never realised. Recently, there is a rumour that the remains should be bulldozed and replaced by hundreds of houses. The Work should start in summer 2015.