Insolite Hotels in Europe |

Insolite Hotels in Europe

Looking for a memorable experience. Hotels offering the same ordinary things bothers you, sleeping in a normal course does not attract you. Here is a selection of insolite hotels in Europe providing enthusiasm and exceptional experiences:

1- Floating village of Pressac

A floating huts for sleeping, dining and fishing in the middle of the water. A unique concept in France.


Floating Village of Pressac France

2- Jumbo Hostel, your stay in Boeing 747

A Boeing 747 turned into a hotel on the tarmac at Uppsala Airport, 70km north of Stockholm. For 375 euros you can even sleep in the cockpit.

Jumbo Hostel suede

Jumbo Hostel Sued

3- Attrap’Rêves, Sleep under the stars

A night under the moon and stars in a bubble. The Attrap’Rêves hotel France is present in 5 locations.

Attrap'Rêves France Hotel

Attrap Rêves Hotel France

4- Ice Hotel In Sweden

A hotel made of snow and ice with -5 degrees Celsius. One night will cost 800 euros, this type of hotels exists also in Finland.

Ice Hotel Sued

Ice Hotel Sued

5- La Balade des Gnomes Hotel

A lodging of 10 rooms with themes of nature and fantasy. The hotel is a huge wood Trojan horse.

La Balade des Gnomes Hotel Belgium La Balade des Gnomes Hotel Belgium

6- Le Boudoir de Serendipity

You are not afraid to sleep in a houseboat, you love the water. Experience the comfort on the edge of Le Boudoir de Serendipity hotel for 140 euros per night.

Le Boudoir de Serendipity France Le Boudoir de Serendipity Hotel

7- Georgian House

A Harry Potter rooms in London England.

The Wizard Chambers at the Georgian House The Wizard Chambers at the Georgian House

8- Seven Hotel, A futuristic Decor

Spend a night in a pleasant environment with a futuristic decoration.

Seven Hotel France

Hotel Seven France

9- Baumhaus Hotel

5 luxurious cabins hidden in the forest and perched 10 meters high. A night cost 300 Euros.

Baumhaus Hotel Germany Baumhaus Hotel in Germmany

10- Havenkraan van Harlingen

An old crane on the docks of a Dutch port, rehabilitated in luxury bed and breakfast.  It cost 320 Euros per night.

Havenkraan Van Harlingen Netherlands Havenkraan Van Harlingen Netherlands

11- Utter Inn habitation

It is a project by the artist Mikael Genberg, a small underwater and floating house for 2 persons, No more.

Utter Inn in SwedenUtter Inn Sweden

12- Elkep Evi Cave

You don’t like leaving home even on vacation? So caves and cellars of Cappadocia will satisfy you. Electricity, telephone and even jacuzzi for honeymooners. With all that, you’ll remain in his cave the entire stay.

Elkep Evi cave Turkey Elkep Evi cave in Turkey

13- Kolarbyn Forest Hut

To experience the raw nature: sleep in a small hut in the middle of the forest, without electricity. A simple life.

Kolarbyn Forest Hut in Sweden Kolarbyn Forest Hut Sweden

14- Daspark Hotel

Rooms built in large industrial concrete pipe. The claustrophobic persons, this rooms are not for you.

Daspark Hotel in Autriche Daspark Hotel Autriche

15- The lighthouse of Kerbel

With 25 meters height offering a panoramic view of the Morbihan. If you suffer from acrophobia or you have the dizzy heights, this hotel is not recommended for you. Otherwise, this unique experience will cost 500 euros per night.The Lighthouse of Kerbel France The Lighthouse of Kerbel France

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