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Explore the Alternative Culture of Berlin

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Many people say that Berlin is the home of subculture, and it’s hard to deny it. There’s an abundance of alternative things to do in Berlin that some might call quirky and weird, but each one is highly entertaining.

Berlin’s combo of charm and coarseness will undoubtedly hypnotize each one of those quick to investigate its lively culture, bleeding edge design, marvelous sustenance, extraordinary gatherings, and substantial history.

The most interesting charm of the German capital, Berlin, might be that it is so not the same as whatever is left of the nation. For some, the city remains as very nearly an island in the country, socially separate from the German ethos as well as dissimilar to some other place in Europe.

On the off chance that you wish to investigate the elective heartbeat of the city, here are a few hints.

Graffiti streets tour

The walking tour consists of a walk around Kreuzberg, the neighborhood with the most graffiti-covered walls of any part of the city. We walked past works by ObeyPussy, and the immediately recognizable Astronaut by Victor Ash; all the while learning about the incredible rise of graffiti and street art culture in Berlin.

At a small extra charge, there’s also a graffiti workshop where the tour ends in which the expert team instructs and guide people on the tour how to cut out their stencils, how to prep the work, and how best to spray paint it.

Stay in where artist get inspired for this works in the Monbijou Hotel

See Hitler’s Plan for Berlin

One of the first fascinations for me about Berlin was the more recent history, especially around World War II. I’m probably not the first tourist to the city to be interested in knowing more about the city under Nazi rule, and I’m probably not the last.

One great alternative thing to do in Berlin that sheds some light on the changes the city saw over the 1930s and ’40s is the Mythos Germania exhibition organized by expert tour guides, Berliner Unterwelten (Berlin Underground).

The group runs a number of tours under the city through forgotten bunkers and the dark tunnels that connect them all. With the Germania exhibition, they showcase hundreds of pictures of Berlin prior to the destruction and reconstruction efforts Hitler ordered as part of his dream plan for the city.

There’s also an enormous actualized model of how the city might have looked had the dictator had his way.

Enjoy a Drink at the Urban Spree

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No alternative guide to Berlin would ever be complete without a mention of the subculture haven of Urban Spree.

A combination of art space, night club, and outdoor drinking area; the Urban Spree is always full of people and paints of all color that decorate every surface. The outside of the building is repainted as the theme of the current exhibition changes and is typically designed by the same artist or studio of artists the show is about.

The outdoor area is incredibly popular with locals who will sit around the outdoor bar under the lights until the area closes some time way after midnight.

Many of the best pub crawls in Berlin mention this place, but not all pass by. If you’re thinking of enjoying what hipster and alternative culture are like in the city, then this great place is a perfect place to start.

Like other European capital urban communities, Berlin attracts youngsters droves for its diverse nightlife. A great many voyagers come each month to encounter the bars, eateries, theaters, music corridors, and clubs that have invaded such a significant number of city lanes and rural enclaves. Realizing where to go and what exceptional occasions are on can be hard for a vacationer, however, the adolescent inns offer a simple and safe base to dig into the most creative and specialty nightlife scenes on the planet.

Enjoy a musical stay in Hotel I31 at hot price.

Learn at the Topography of Terror

The Topography of Terror is built on the same space where the Gestapo and SS headquarters were once located. The museum sets to document and educate through photographs and documentation how the country was examined through a microscope of repression and terror by the secret services of the National Socialist government.

The museum is increasingly becoming a necessary stop for all the school groups that visit the city and we’d both encourage every tourist to consider it. It’s an insightful alternative to some of the more regular museums that can be found on Museums island elsewhere.

Have Fun at Clarchens Ballhaus

We only stopped by the Clarchens Ballhaus dance hall once, but what we saw in those short few minutes was outstanding.

Immerse yourself in our elegant, cozy and surprising atmosphere created by a famous interior designer in the Neufchatel Hotel

The noise and sound of so many happy with the music of the in-house band as a soundtrack in the background were contagious. People were pouring in and out of the entrance way to the restaurant on the ground floor and from the stairway that leads to the dance-rooms upstairs and we both wanted to be a part of it.

The feeling is fully nostalgic. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to eat and have fun at an old fashioned cabaret, then this classic revitalised dance hall is a must visit.