Berlin Top 10 Clubs To Party Wildly

Berlin Top 10 Clubs To Party Wildly

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If you like to spend long hours in having good time and enjoy great music, then Berlin comes to be the best place for you. The hours you spend in Berlin clubs could look intense, freaky and overjoying. This city becomes  little techno place where you can free yourself from stress and daily grind. Clubs in Berlin will give you intense impression and your wishes will come true.


Berghain is Berlin bar which is popular to enjoy. Perhaps, you can feel little strange if you can’t enter it, but it is so normal for Berlin nightlife. The stuff on the entry could be very demanding and of variable behaviour. But when you pass it and enter you can meet Berlin bar of Panorama and enjoy techno music. Soon you will be amazed how popular Berlin club is it, and then you will want to come back. It is well known place worldwide so you could not miss it.


Watergate-this Berlin bar offers splendid view on the river and popular bridge called Oberbaumbrucke. In this Berlin club try to relish techno sounds and disco performance. If you want to get familiar with greatest DJ names then this Berlin club is the best way for it. Just imagine some popular names as Eric Morrilo, Chicken Lips or Adam Freeland and your mind will be blown away. It is good place for flirting so you can use  chance for something more than good time.


Next Berlin club you can spend time is Cookies. It is amazing place for disco experience and it offers underground  and main room space. Here you can listen hip-hop music or popular DJ-s from New York nightclubs. There is also restaurant above it so you can choose between those places.


Berlin nightlife is also well known for Weekend club. It is stunning place to spend your night as you can look on the whole city of  Berlin  from its 15 floor. If you prefer outdoors view then you can choose your place on terrace and be once again immersed in techno performance.

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Club der Visionaere is another Berlin club situated near the river Spree. It is popular for long lasting parties on weekend.  Here you can enjoy techno music and it is recommended to come on Saturday night as the fun is over the moon.


White trash fast food is different Berlin bar where you can see combination of many things such as burgers, tatoos, cinema , rock and roll, punk, blues and guitar music. It is exception in Berlin nightlife so it must be on your visit list while you spending time in this beautiful city.


What to say for Asphalt club in Berlin which is prominent becuase of so called urban clubbing. The club is situated in one of the  hotels, and the music performes are combination of house and techno. If you like performer Hugo Capablanca then Asphalt is right choice.


Picknick is another popular Berlin club situated on two floors and with yard space available. Here you can have eclectic programme to relish and some great music as Grandmater Flash or Greco-Roman Records.


Berlin nightlife have recently became richer for Trust bar. The atmosphere inside  is gorgeous and it is  so pleasant place with even beds and toiletes departments.



Finally, try Tresor Berlin bar as it offers techno performance with great names from all over the world. It’s wonderful but at the same time fascinating.