10 secret neighborhoods and places in Berlin

10 secret neighborhoods and places in Berlin

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Secret Places and neighborhoods in Berlin

The secret Berlin guide to discover the insolite neighborhoods. A small selection of unusual places that will mark yours walks while you’re in Berlin.


charlottenburg Ziegenhof

There was a time when Charlottenburg was one of the neighborhoods that had the most squats in Berlin. It is Difficult to realize this today because the protest culture seems to have completely disappeared. It includes yet another symbolic place in this community era. This is a hidden goat farm in a courtyard.


Marie Antoinette in Bberlin

Have you ever spent an evening at Marie Antoinette? The place has a view of the Spree and concerts are .variés it. The room is run by the same team as the French Madame Claude in Kreuzberg. To access, you should go through a poorly lit alley.

Prenzlauer Berg

Am Schweizer Garten in Berlin

A brewery almost ruined in the middle of a new residential area with no soul. It is reached by the Greifswalder Strasse. Inside, the recording studios and a beer museum project in the brewery which was once a meeting place for Nazis.



the row number 23 is occupied by associative and artistic communities and there are some works of art in the middle of the vegetation.


Bremer Straße Unionstraße Wiclefstraße

In the middle of industrial buildings and dreary streets arises an enchanting park, the Park an der Bremer Strasse. Like a magic forest, paths are traced under leaves and you have to think twice about which direction to take when meeting a crossroad. Swings, old brick wall, mosaics strange … almost wild park that deserves attention.


Gemeinschaftsgarten Himmelbeet

Like the Prinzessinnengarten Himmelbeet the community garden is increasingly popular in the Wedding district. There is a café, collective plans, areas of land that can be cultivated and rent as well as many events event for beginners gardening.



The neighborhood is changing, affected by the famous gentrification. Luxury residences have crushed the alternative clubs, cranes ruin vacant lots, new face those colorful facades of Rigaerstr squats. One element has not changed, the promenade Rummelsee.


Hansaviertel Metro

Have you ever stopped to Hansaviertel Metro Station on line 9? You should go for an afternoon of spring to taste the joys of nature in the city center and see rabbits frolicking amid the buildings designed by the greatest architects of the 20th century. But if you want to find this little-crooked house.


Alter St. Matthäus Cemetery

A coffee break in the district of Schöneberg? Come to the Alter St. Matthäus cemetery. To visit preferably a gray Sunday. Kaffee und Kuchen in the Finovo, a typical coffee cemetery will be even better!


Neukölln Garden

Are you already entered the philosophical Neukölln garden? It bears the name of Comenius, pedagogue, philosopher and traveler who promoted early 17th-century education for all. It is not moreover nothing if this garden of almost a hectare is bordered by a school. The only difficulty to enjoy the tranquility of the garden will get to operate the entrance gate.